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Construction of Fish Pond at Sani Bello Foundation Farm, Kontagora

Purpose: This is to report the progress and execution of the fish pond supported by Irish Embassy, to train 100 youth in Kontagora, Niger State.
Contact Information: Please refer to your original grant confirmation letter for the following details.
Organization Name: Sani Bello Foundation
Project Name: Construction of Fish Ponds to Train 100 Youths at Kontagora Niger State

Person preparing this report: Umanah Emmanuel Jonah
Title: Admin/Logistic Coordinator
Phone: 08184122292

Date: 27th May 2013

Financial Summary
Total value of grant approved and released by Irish Aid: =N=1,600,000.00
Amount spent to date: =N=2,550,000.00
Project Summary
To build a fish farm (Fish Ponds) for a hands-on training purposes to train youth in northern Nigeria on how to grow fish for commercial purposes in order to earn a living, the is located in Kontagora Niger State.

Project Status
The project is at the advance stage, the surface concrete pond are fully constructed and is in used to stock a total of 10, 400 Catfish fingerlings and some that are grown to a very stable state and size have been transferred to earth ponds. We had earlier acquired 31 brood stocks which will be used in hatching of the next set of fingerlings.
A Total of 50 students are undergoing training in the facility and a group of 10 hearing impaired youths are also being trained under fisheries at the farm. Mustafa Comprehensive High school student that participated in the training had finished the fundamental stage of the training and will be returning to continue during their next break. Screening to accept the next set of students is in progress. After the first attempt and hatching the fingerlings failed the second was successful using the earlier acquired brood stuck. Necessary adjustment was made to regulate the temperature of the hatchery to be suitable to support brooding with the help of a consultant


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Green House for Growing Tomatoes

Sani Bello Foundation intends to liberate youths by providing a proven approach to becoming an agropreneurs, whose business is to bring fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to his or her surrounding communities at affordable prices. This is why Sani Bello Foundation is dedicated to connecting with the right people with proven track record; to provide the necessary environment and skills needed to succeed in the ever changing agricultural sector.

Sani Bello Foundation partnered with Dizengoff in the area of green house farming which is already yielding result.

Green House Kit from Dizengoff is working; and it's being used to grow organic tomatoes at Sani Bello Farm. The green house will not only provide tomatoes for a season but will make tomatoes available in and out of season at a very affordable price. The green house tomatoes farm is being irrigated with water from our fish ponds thereby providing the tomatoes the organic fertilizer it needs to grow.

Student under training at the farm are gaining firsthand experience on farm irrigation and crop management which will add to their agro professional experience.

The Tomatoes in the green house were grown from their seed level to its present flowering and fruiting stage. Trainees were actively involved at all level of the growing process.