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We Dare to Hope

The youths of any nation are regarded as the hope of that nation, hence, any nation without a well articulated programme of development for its teaming youth is considered to be threading on deadly grounds and in gross danger of self-extinction.

This is because the youth form the backbone of any country's workforce, however, no nation has been known to provide employment for its entire employable set, hence entrepreneurships is considered as key to solving unemployment issues.

The youth in Nigeria constitute about 70% of the entire population, of this only about 10% are gainfully employed and another 7.5% with employable skills while the remaining 50% of the population wallows about without; neither an education nor requisite employable skills, hence constituting a burden on the nation.

Nigerian youths today have become the target of unscrupulous politicians who use them to cause mayhem and instigate politically motivated crises thus threatening the stability of our nation.

Statistics show that northern Nigeria has suffered most from this unfortunate plague, much has been done to breech the educational gap between northern and southern Nigeria a lot still has to be done in the area of entrepreneurship.

Our focus is to engage the restless energy in the teaming youths of Northern Nigeria in profitable ventures that could be used to improve the social-economics standard of the nation and its citizenry. Furthermore, it has become imperative at this time to get our youths off the streets before selfish politicians take advantage of their hungry disposition to unleash mayhem on the nation because as the saying goes, "a hungry man is an angry man". Our pilot states are Niger, Kaduna and Kano.

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